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On the 24th of February 2013, I went to go see Kanye West perform in Hammersmith Apollo… I woke up on the 25th wishing I didn’t. For those that are familiar with my music interest and how my ear sways from good to better, for me to announce my disappointment for the man may come as a harsh reality:

Kanye West has lost more than marbles. Some would suggest the doolalliness has come from him losing his mother and not being able to get over it, some would say it’s that evil money hungry fame hungry whore Kim Kardashian who has unfortunately soul tied the man via their baby on the way… I personally think it’s the loss of his first girlfriend to the public’s attention, Alexis Phifer. Losing a girl grounded like that then moving on to Brooke then Amber… Fam!?

Anyway, back to the show… Man is deranged. The straight jacket ensemble was fitting.

The show started alright but that can easily be accounted for by the levels of gas in the air and the waiting time. Other than Flashing Lights and All Of The Lights, I didn’t get into my zone. The keyboard fillers (in Good Life) were angelic and highlights were produced from the little things like when he was telling his band to stop playing at certain points of tunes and how the fencing guy got strong armed and sent back scurrying. ‘Ye told him to be easy and the guy had to be off. You know they rehearsed it as well. He didn’t get on the plane.

And his chains… His chains are mental. Looking like the whole periodic table.

All n’ all, the performance was weak and the thirty five year old even had the cheek to say he felt ‘happy’ as he got some things off of his chest on Saturday. I don’t know what he’ll blame the memory loss on certain lyrics and the weird signal-the-plane-Harlem-Shake moves he was dishing out, but it wasn’t just the screams that hurt my ears.

If Kanye offed himself for the sake of art, I wouldn’t be surprised. He was yelling like his head was going to explode. Jokes aside, Kim probably practices juju. The change in Kanye has come via her and this soul tied child. The screams were too random. He needs to wake up from this almost indefinite state of depression. Some will argue that is art and that he is crazy and yeah… We’ve heard it all before, but what I witnessed last night was perplexing to listen to and view, and me, Ralph Hardy, is an avid Kanye fan so no one can tell me anything. I’ll break your neck.

Kanye hasn’t been under no fine comb of the industry of recent. He has his ‘baby mama’, he’s been chilling since WTT (Cruel Summer is a myth). Art is art, prayers are prayers and Kanye is Kanye, but mind you, I’ve yelped out a couple times in frustration.

It’s safe to say his next album will be MENTAL!

P.s. Big up Beyonce. She gave him the impression all tickets can be sold at that price. What a precedent. What a precedent that has been set now. Champion. The difference is, Beyonce can do a lot more on stage and if she says something bad about you on stage, not even Job Seekers will take you.

Come to think of it, Beyonce’s service charge was the same price as some people’s show ticket prices. Mental.

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