From the nang...


This song is so beautiful, I think it’s a slight insult to try and put the emotions into words.

I’ve always said to myself that I’d love James Blake to sing A Case Of You at my wedding day but he’s just gone and muddled up my brain with what song for him to grace the reception with. I’m meant to know my kindred soul for this very moment. The slow dance would be angelic.

Retrograde taken off of his forthcoming Overgrown album is just…

The song is so good, I feel cold. Not bursts of feeling, of shivers… But I constant cold. I feel hurt. I feel like I should have cried and near enough perplexed as to why I didn’t. Theres a place in heaven reserved for this song.

The song gives life to the point where you have to wonder if you had any prior.

On paper, the progression should have caused me to explode. One more around the 3 minute mark (video version), and I probably would have combusted.

So powerful, I’m sure it’s a weapon.

Synthesized euphoria and realisation. Living for these moments.

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